Posted on January 30, 2024

Hello, World!

The foundational Public Land Survey System (PLSS) in the United States, established in the early 19th century, is essential for precise land surveying and management. This system, which uses a grid to divide land into townships and sections, plays a critical role in legal land management, real estate, and resource management.

We're thrilled to unveil Township America, a new venture that extends the proven capabilities of Township Canada into the United States. Our platform offers state-of-the-art mapping and legal land description services, catering to various industries including agriculture, real estate, insurance, natural resources, and land development. Township America aims to streamline your projects with its accuracy and user-friendly features.

Township America Launch

Find sections, townships and ranges across the US

Our services now cover an extensive range of 30 states, including but not limited to Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, and California, up to Wyoming. Township America simplifies searches for different legal land descriptions, such as:

  • Township Range Meridian (e.g., 6S 19W 5th Meridian)
  • Township Range County State (e.g., 6S 19W Clark County Arkansas)
  • Section Township Range Meridian (e.g., 4 2N 18E Indian Meridian)
  • Section Township Range State County (e.g., 4 2N 18E Pushmataha County Oklahoma)
  • Quarter-Quarter-Section Section Township Range Meridian (e.g., NESW 25 5N 30E Mount Diablo Meridian)
  • Quarter-Quarter-Section Section Township Range State County (e.g., NESW 25 5N 30E Mineral County Nevada)

Key features

  • Enhanced Search Capabilities: Conduct thorough searches for legal land descriptions, geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude), and places, all presented on an interactive map.
  • Interactive Mapping Tool: Navigate through US legal locations (PLSS), geographic coordinates, and additional features on an easy-to-use, interactive platform.
  • Data Management and Export Options: Store your findings and export data in various formats, including CSV, KML, Shapefile, DXF, and GeoJSON, compatible with applications like Excel, Google Earth, CAD, and GIS systems.
  • Batch Conversion Feature: Effortlessly convert numerous legal locations to geographic coordinates and the reverse.
  • API for Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate our services into your existing applications and workflows with our comprehensive API.

Start exploring today

We invite you to visit Township America and experience firsthand how it can revolutionize your work with US legal land descriptions. Whether you're involved in agriculture, oil and gas, insurance, or any sector requiring precise land management, Township America is here to support and enhance your operations.

Your feedback was instrumental in shaping Township Canada, and we are equally keen to hear your thoughts on Township America. For any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. We are excited to embark on this new journey in the United States and look forward to growing with you.